Since every house is unique and everyone has a different vision. We have developed a moulding mix to that is tailored for your preference. Look at the various choices or decide to come visit us in person at 1033 San Felipe road in Hollister. We can find something that suits your style and needs. Look at our types moulding.

Moulding can change your everyday house hold to something unique.

Moldings can transform even small simplistic rooms into ornate dynamic living environments. Traditionally, homes have relied on small moldings that simply blend into a room, yet larger or more ornate molding can create an atmosphere and personality to any room. Moulding a room is the simple step from having a nice house a captivating house.





Closet & Miscellaneous



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Crown Moulding: 

Just like any other beautiful house, Crown moulding is an important addition to significantly improve house appearance. It is the meeting point between the color of your walls and the color of your ceiling. It makes a nice and pleasant transition. A unique home has a unique crown moulding.


Doorways and windows need a great look too! All this can be adjusted and make a difference in your dream house. Make every room a decorative indoor entry with custom moldings. 


Baseboards transitions the change between the floor and your walls. Make this a gentle transition with some elegant base moulding of your choice.

Closet & Miscellaneous